Reactor 1

The band that likes to put live back in live gigs.

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Sunday Benefit gig for the Flash radio station

Reactor 1 to take part in a fund Raiser for Flash FM Radio. Lots of bands. Reactor 1 on stage at 4.30pm. Its in the Curlew Havant

Other News

Reactor 1 to headline the Rifle club again
Reactor 1 to support The Sherlocks
Reactor 1 live at the Drake Portsmouth 19th September
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Seagull Hungry Horse on 03-Sep-2016 info

Froddington on 24-Sep-2016 info

Spring Arts Centre Havant on 01-Oct-2016 info

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    whole band 3whole band crouchedreactor drum1947552_10152279566080619_971689821_n
    band drums 2johnjohn  new bandwhole band cool 2

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    johnjohn  new bandwhole band cool 2whole band coolsunglasses


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